Strengthening Tourism Market Linkages


UNIDO, through the upgrading unit in Tanzania, and ITC in collaboration with the Ministry of industry, Trade and Investment organized a workshop on “Strengthening Tourism Market Linkages for Tanzania Producers and Processors” held on 10 December 2015 at Hilton Double Tree Hotel in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

The purpose of the workshop was to showcase and promote linkage between farmers, processors and the tourism industry. Identifying challenges faced by tourism buyers to procure locally and drafting out channels through which solutions could be provided were amongst the key expected outputs of the event.

The workshop is part of implementation of the “Trade Sector Development Program: Market Value Chains relating to High Value Horticultural Products (HP) for Responsible Tourism and Market Access”, implemented by the UN Specialized Agencies involved in the Inter Agency Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity (UNOPS, UNIDO, ITC, UNCTAD and ILO), funded by Swiss Confederation State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). The project has an overall objective to improve livelihood in Tanzania through enhancing adoption of market value chains for high value agro products and responsible tourism criteria based on the local context for tourism markets. The project also aims to increase the productive capacity of horticultural producers and improve supply capacity of horticulture producers.

The workshop which brought together a large number of stakeholders of both agribusiness and tourism sectors, was attended by 56 delegates, including producers and processors of horticulture from Dar es Salaam, Morogoro and Arusha, members of Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA), members from organizations of organic and environmental friendly agriculture, members of Tanzania Chefs Association from Tourist Hotels in Dar es Salaam and Arusha, Officials from National College of Tourism, members from Hotel Association of Tanzania, officials from public sector, including relevant Ministries and Industrial Development Research Organizations, as well as representatives from relevant UN Agencies, the Swiss Confederation State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, the project donor, and other Development Partners.

The workshop stimulated dialogue amongst stakeholders presenting their achievements and challenges. This dialogue became instrumental for better understanding between suppliers (producers and processors) and buyers (consumers) of horticulture products in the country. Stakeholders involved in different components of the project, such as Masasi foods, Darsh, Nature Ripe and Tanga Fresh presented their progress in marketing of the processed horticulture products in the Tanzanian market, thereby reflecting on the achievements that were made possible through technical assistance provided by the UNIDO. Discussions focused on the development of linkages between horticulture products processors, producers and the local sources of demand, such as the hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in Tanzania.

After the plenary session which provided for opportunity for exchange of views and experiences and better understanding of the parties involved, a B2B session was organized to further facilitate business linkages. Later in the plenary closing session, workshop was concluded by members of tourism sector reporting on the business linkages made with agribusiness counterparts during the

B2B session and challenges to be addressed for sustainability of the linkages. The key output of the workshop was a clear commitment of the tourism industry to procure locally and their willingness to work together with the local agribusiness stakeholders to address key issues identified during the workshop.

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