Wizara ya Viwanda, Biashara na Uwekezaji

Waziri wa Viwanda, Biashara na Uwekezaji

Hon. George Joseph Kakunda (Mb)



Head of Department, Director: Obadia Nyagiro

Assistant Director: Eli Pallangyo
Assistant Director: Juma Mwambapa


To ensure growth and development of Industry in the country


i. To develop, monitor, evaluate and review implementation of policies, strategies, guidelines , standards and legislation for industrial development;

ii. To monitor industrial performance and implementation of industrial development projects;

iii. To facilitate the formation of manufacturers association e.g. the existing textile manufacturers association, leather association of Tanzania; and

iv. To evaluate industrial performance in terms of outputs, competitiveness and development.

This division will be led by Director and will have two Sections as follows:-

i. Industrial Investment and Research Section; and

ii. Industrial Support and Promotion Section

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